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About Josti Consulting

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Josti Consulting offers specialized compensation services in varied occupational fields such as engineering, science, computing, legal, accounting, clerical and trades recognizing that pay is a fundamental requirement to compete in the labor market and retain key talent.

We make no assumptions about the needs of our clients and take the time to learn about them. We build our solutions around their needs.

We design successful projects that are responsive to the needs of our clients and provide a supportive and learning work environment.

Our goal is to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations by helping them to shape their workforce to support company objectives.

Here at Josti Consulting we understand the road to sound business practices begins with a solid foundation to manage and engage employees.

Joanne Josti has over 30 years experience in the Human Resources Profession in both private and government sectors and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Pepperdine University.

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Member Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce